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    content type : Yamaha

    Customer Experience Group Develops Proprietary Tools to Enhance Experience for NAMM Visitors, Dealers and Customers

    Last year, at Winter NAMM 2010, Yamaha introduced several leading edge social and mobile media applications designed to enhance the NAMM experience for show visitors. This year, the company's Customer Experience Group...   
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    content type : Schilke

    Schilke Flugelhorn in Hollywood

    After nearly 30 years, Schilke Music Products is proud to introduce a new flugelhorn model to the trumpet world. First introduced at The 2009 Midwest Clinic and 2010 NAMM show, we have begun shipping initial orders to...   
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    content type : Brace Audio

    Brace Audio DWG-1000 Named Mix Magazine Top-20 Certified Hit For Winter NAMM 2010

    In their premier showing at Winter NAMM 2010, Brace Audio’s DWG-1000 digital wireless instrument system was granted one of the most coveted awards of the show; Mix Magazine’s Certified Hit.   
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    content type : iKey-Audio

    iKEY-AUDIO unveils ground-breaking recorders at the 2010 Winter NAMM Show!

    The buzz around iKEY-AUDIO at Winter NAMM was apparent. A steady stream of the audio-industry insiders rounded the iKEY-AUDIO booth to get a glimpse of the future of personal recorders.    
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