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Awareness! for Etymotic :: iPhone App

: Etymotic

AWARENESS! for Etymotic is an innovative earphone app for anyone who uses an hf3 or mc3 headset or Etymotic earphones and needs to hear sounds around them.

AWARENESS!listens to your surroundings while you listen to music.Any sound louder than normal background noise can be heard in your earphones.
From hearing that truck while its still down the road to hearing when someone asks if you'd like a cup of coffee in the office, or when the phone or doorbell rings at home.

    • Maintain spatial audio awareness for better safety in any environment
    • Use with music, videos, games and audiobooks
    • Use while traveling, in the office, at home and at the gym
    • Works with all earphones and headsets (except Bluetooth® or wireless models)
    • Ideal for noise-isolating headsets
Made for iOS 4.AWARENESS! for Etymoticis not just a stand alone App.
AWARENESS! for Etymoticruns in the background and monitors sound
while music and media players, audiobooks and games are in use.

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