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AXYS Stage Monitor Series


The AXYS® Stage Monitor series is a range of portable, self powered stage monitors.

Each model in the series is designed to give uncoloured sound reinforcement for many applications from conferences and playback to theatre and live music.

The control electronics in each unit contain the Dynamic Level Control (DLC), a circuit which monitors and controls the average power applied to the speakers according to their power handling capacity without affecting the dynamic response. This method guarantees safe operation under all circumstances.

The use of selected components, test procedures at all levels of the manufacturing process, and extensive burn-in tests prolong the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) to the limit. The 18mm Scandinavian birch plywood sturdy enclosure, coated with a durable finish and reinforced with ABS interlocking corners, makes the system suitable for rugged 'on the road' handling.

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