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Coming Soon - Neutrino 3200

: Xilica

The first product out of this third generation Xilica DSP will be the Neutrino 3200. There are 4 card slots on the rear and each slot can hold 8 inputs or 8 outputs. (8x8, 8x16, 16x8, 16x16, 24x8).

It can be programmed with the brand new NeuConsole GUI that holds the current library of critically developed DSP modules that we have already created, while the process of adding new modules is still ongoing. The NeuConsole GUI offers the sound designer the flexibility to implement our top notch high end audio Matrix DSP in an uncompromising audio design of his own creation. This is achieved simply, by dragging, dropping, connecting and clicking on the DSP modules of his liking, and when he is ready loading it in the open DSP of the Neutrino device. The Neutrino 3200 has the option to be controlled over Ethernet using any existing network and AVB (Audio Video Bridge). We will offer a range of remote options like the new NEU Touch panel, XPanel, and several controls that will fit the standard EU style wall boxes.

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