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Coming Soon - Neutrino A-1608

: Xilica

Neutrino is a next generation configurable DSP system for Professional Audio installation applications.

The NeuConsole Software includes a library of critically developed DSP modules: Gain, Delay, Equalizer, Crossover, Compressor, Mixer, Meter, Generator, etc. New modules will be added to the library under our ongoing engineering development. The sound engineer decides what DSP modules to be used and how the signals to be routed. Neutrino Software ensures the workability of the final netlist. The compiled netlist will then be transferred to the Neutrino processor, which acts exactly the same as the functional DSP blocks in designed netlist.

Neutrino provides limitless possibilities to fit in any venue, large or small.NeuPanel can be used for remote control applications. To complete this professional product, a super low latency Ethernet Audio Network is employed. Existing installed network on-site can be used without the requirement of a separate dedicated network for Neutrino. Standard Ethernet switches/routers can be used.

With Ethernet connectivity, Neutrino is able to be controlled by NeuConsole or any third party device via wired or wireless network.

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