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Klark Teknik introduces powerful Digital Audio Format Converters at Plasa 2010

: Klark Teknik

London, 13 September 2010: Klark Teknik is pleased to announce the European launch of two important new high channel count digital audio format and sample rate converters, the DN9650 and DN9652, on Stand 1-F19 at PLASA 2010.

The DN9650 network bridge allows the AES50 interfaces on Midas XL8 and PRO Series digital audio systems and Klark Teknik’s DN9696 high resolution audio recorders to connect to third party multichannel digital audio networks. Supported formats include MADI, Audinate Dante, Aviom A-Net, Cirrus Logic CobraNet and Digigram EtherSound, utilising network modules designed and manufactured by Lab X Technologies, Audinate and Cirrus Logic.

The DN9652 format converter replaces the AES50 connections with a slot for a second network module. This creates a unique product enabling conversion between many digital audio formats, for example MADI to Dante or Cobranet to Ethersound. The DN9652 will additionally find a myriad of uses solving all kinds of ‘hard to fix’ networking problems in a simple manner requiring little networking skill to deploy. One specific example is MADI to MADI conversion, where the MADIs might be non-synchronised, both in master mode or even one fibre and one copper connection. The dual clock regime in the DN9652 makes it simple to join these MADI networks together.

Both models include an astonishing 144 channels of high performance sample rate conversion and independent synchronisation for the two interfaces, including black burst, word clock and AES3. The minimal configuration requirements are simply set up using a standard web browser and an auto-configured Ethernet interface to the unit. Klark Teknik engineering ensures that the audio performance is exemplary.

“This is the product that digital audio systems engineers have been dreaming of for years,” says Midas and Klark Teknik managing director John Oakley. “No more worries about incompatible networks
or expensive network trained system technicians. Just plug it in and watch it work!”

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