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Lab.gruppen and Lake® introduce support for EAW® Focusing in new Lake Controller Release

: LAB Gruppen

Latest software upgrade heralds an industry first with exclusive support for Greybox processing from within PLM™ Series.

Lab.gruppen and Lake are delighted to announce the release of the latest version of Lake Controller software (v5.7) with accompanying firmware for both the PLM Powered Loudspeaker Management™ products and the LM 26 Digital Audio Loudspeaker Processor.

Working alongside both industry partners and leading end-users, engineers at Lab.gruppen and Lake have taken a significant leap forward with this latest release of Lake Controller; designed to offer ever greater flexibility and compatibility for end users, further optimizing system audio performance.

New levels of functionality are provided as PLM Series products now support a new processing module type. The extensive filtering can be used to create both crossover and driver EQ, facilitating linear phase, minimum phase or arbitrary phase filters. The filters can also be used to create classic crossovers and specific driver EQ. The new module, among other benefits, is capable of supporting EAW Focusing through the direct recall of EAW Greybox files into any PLM Series device via the Lake Controller software.

This unique feature unites the loudspeaker optimization of EAW Focusing parameters with the powerful Lake Mesa EQ input stage on the versatile PLM Series platform for the first time, to offer a fully integrated system solution for sound reinforcement. Users can now recall Greybox output processing files directly into PLM Series and then create groups and carefully tune even
the largest EAW loudspeaker system at any granularity, all via the industry standard Lake Controller – negating the additional expense and inconvenience of a separate system EQ processor.

“These latest updates represent the greatest leap forward in terms of innovation that Lake has witnessed since the company moved to Sweden in 2009,” said Håkan Gustafsson, Product Manager for Lake. “The supporting of EAW Focusing, coupled with the Lake Mesa EQ and the powerful performance of the PLM Series, means that we can provide the end user with the kind of functionality that is simply unrivalled in the world of pro-audio.”

In addition to implementing the new processing module, the release of this latest version of Lake Controller also brings a raft of other benefits including general speed improvements for Windows 7, multi-core processors and high resolution screens as well as faster synchronization between Lake Controller and devices on the network. LM 26 users also benefit from critical improvements to Dante routing, synchronization and general stability.

Lake Controller v5.7 is available to download now from the Lab.gruppen website.

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