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Lake Controller on the iPad

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Since the launch of Apple’s category-defining iPad tablet computer, many audio professionals have been looking for a way to run Lake’s ubiquitous Lake Controller software on this small, cost-effective, and remarkably ingenious hardware platform.

Unfortunately, the full Lake Controller software application is designed to run only on a Windows OS and so this looked like an unlikely vision.

However, not to be put off by a challenge, the engineers at Lake in Sweden conceived a work-around and set about testing various Virtual Network Computing (VNC) remote desktop solutions. As a result of this work, Lake are delighted to present a solution allowing remote access of Lake Controller using iPad, retaining full functionality of all touchscreen controllable features – via the wireless tablet screen.

Lake Controller on iPad utilizesVNC, a graphical desktop sharing and remote control system based on theRFB(remote frame buffer) protocol. AVNCsystem consists of a client (the iPad), a server (in this case, the Windows host computer running Lake Controller software), and a communication protocol.VNCServer is a software program that enables the Windows computer running Lake Controller (server) to share its screen, and for a remote client to take control of it, in this case the handy solution that is Apple’s iPad.

Setting up the system requires a few software components – one for the Windows machine running Lake Controller, the other for the iPad (downloaded from the app store) – and then it takes less than 5 minutes to configure. It’s really quite straight-forward. Lake has published a simple step-by-step guide detailing what’s involved, available to download from the
Lake documentation area on the website.
Lake Controller software is already a proven performer, but the ability to control it remotely via iPad now takes it to a new level of convenience and user-experience.

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