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Pearl Drums at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012

: Pearl

At this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt, held from 21 March – 24 March 2012, Pearl showed a wide range of new products and interesting product setups!

A brand new product, introduced at Messe show was our Demon Chain Pedal, our chain driven version of the in 2009 introduced Demon (direct) Drive.
Furthermore, great new products like our Tru Trac Pack set were shown, how you can make your acoustic drumset in to an electronic drumset by using the Tru Trac pads and the revolutionary No-drill adapter. These pads are being used (hassle free) by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue on tour!!!

Exclusively for Europe Pearl introduced the limited VBA sets, Starry Night and XTR46. Both with special graphical finishes and special short stack toms, floor toms and an undrilled bass drum.

New was the double Bassdrum set show in Vision Birch, for those metal lovers that like to have a kit for an affordable price!

In our high end ranges, we showed the MCX in a beautiful Mocha Tamo setup, with integrated percussion and electronic pads built into normal Masters Custom toms.

The Masters Premium Legend kit had a special setup with 2 Gong Drums, Rocket toms and a low rack inspired on Tommy Lee’s rack setup.

Last but not least Mike Mangini’s Dream Theater kit was shown in a new Reference Pure finish, Scarlet Sparkle Burst.

Next to that all the new percussion items were shown, MIPA nominated Cube Cajon, the cajon accessories, clave block, wood block, cajon clacker and the multi versatile jingle cubs. All accessories to make your cajon playing more exciting and fun!

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