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Satsop River Rocked by Sound Engineering Audio

: McCauley Sound

Tacoma, WA based AVL service provider Sound Engineering Audio deployed an arsenal of McCauley Sound Monarc Line Array and M421 high performance subwoofers to support the Satsop River Rock Festival Reunion in Hoquiam WA.

The festival, which featured performances by Wishbone Ash, Eric Burdon, and many others, marked Sound Engineering Audio’s first use of the McCauley Sound M421 Subwoofers. The subs were powered by Powersoft K20 amplifiers with integrated KAESOP signal processing.

Sound Engineering Audio President, Tim Holderman, supplied 24 MLA3 mid-size line array loudspeakers, 4 M421 extreme performance subwoofers, 14 FM850 stage monitors, and 18 M88 subwoofers. All routing and signal processing for the main system was handled via Dolby Lake Processor (DLP). Mains and monitor amplification was accomplished by means of Crown Macro-tech and Lab.Gruppen FP+ amplifiers. Signal processing for the monitor system was performed with 4 McCauley M408 digital loudspeaker controllers.

“The M421’s were the most impressive sounding sub’s that I have heard and mixed through in 35 years of being in the industry,” stated Holderman. “Power, intensity, accuracy, precision, sub frequency perfection are the first things that came to mind when I heard them. I predict the M421 will be the best selling McCauley product of all time, absolute engineering brilliance.”

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